Organic Marrowfat Peas

We are proud to be supporting British farmers here at Farmm and are really enjoying the products sourced by our friends at Hodmedod’s based in Suffolk!

This week, with all the wet and cold weather coming back in; we are championing Organic Marrowfat peas!

My favourite use for them is to put them in a delicious heart-warming casserole or soup!

These peas are great for making dips, putting in salads or are perfect even as a crunchy snack! Perfect for all seasons and occasions!

They also make the perfect accompaniment to fish and chips and make exceptional mushy peas and pair very well with horseradish for your Sunday roast.

They are also very nutritious and high in fibre, and low in salt!

For more information, do speak to a member of our team in store who can tell you more.