English Rhubarb

It’s that time of year, where we are starting to welcome the first of the English rhubarb here at Farmm.

Typically, at this time, our rhubarb available in store is usually a brighter red in colour, more tender and sweeter tasting due to being grown under glass or in a hot house.

The outside cultivated rhubarb should arrive a little later; but with all this sunny weather; we hope to see this growing in our garden in abundance by the end of April/early May. It really needs plenty of rainfall and a cold spell to grow well, which we think it has had plenty of by now.

We think it’s perfect when stewed with sugar or used in pies or desserts, but it can also be put into savoury dishes and can be pickled and even dehydrated to be infused in fruit juice too.

Why not see what Sophie our head chef recommends doing with it this week?