English Asparagus

English Asparagus is here and in stock at FARMM. We are delighted to have this wonderful vegetable back on our shelves; especially as it is only in season for a short 8 and a half weeks of the year!

The buzz it creates is astounding, but it’s well and truly deserved. The quality is sublime and its limited availability only adds to the hype.

Our estate chefs go crazy for asparagus every season, due to its delicious flavour, vibrant colour and exceptional flavour when fresh. It is so versatile that it can be eaten with almost everything!

Perfect served on sourdough and one of our free range eggs; often served here in risotto and served to accompany any main course dish.

Asparagus has many health benefits; and also contains a high volume of vitamin C; perfect for boosting your immune system.

Available now until June; so do pick up a hand tied bunch in store on your next trip to FARMM.

How will you be enjoying your first spears?